August 28, 2022 2 min read

We all have hair on our bodies that we wish we never had. Whether it’s on our legs or underarms, we spend hours of our lives shaving, waxing, and eliminating that undesirable hair.

But it doesn’t have to be this way …

IPL or Laser hair removal are the best ways of eliminating undesirable body hair. If you are fed up with shaving and waxing, check out what the whole fuzz is all about…

So, what Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL (which is a form of laser hair removal) works by emitting a specific wavelength of light to target the hair follicle at the root. The whole aim is to destroy the follicle, which is why it turns into “permanent” hair reduction.

This process takes a few weeks to start becoming visible in terms of hair reduction.

It’s for this reason that laser hair removal is the undisputed boss of hair removal methods! It’s not a quick fix, but It targets the root of the problem, it targets hair growth reduction.

Advantages of IPL Laser hair removal at home:

Pain free! Contrary to common believe, some IPL handsets are pain free, while delivering expected results. So always look out for a device that won’t hurt you and you can easily use at home.

One time investment:Investing in an IPL device is a brilliant decision when compared to a Laser hair removal treatment at the clinics. The expense of Laser treatment for bikini line and a Brazilian alone in a salon is way higher than whatever else you would spend in any other hair removal method. And guess what, hair will eventually grow back again, no matter what they say!

On the other side of the spectrum, we have waxing or shaving, which are much cheaper (short term), but these costs keep adding up.

With an IPL device, there’s no need for refills, or other accessories and some devices can last well over ten years.

Easier than you think:Shave, clean, zap, zap, zap. That’s essentially it! There are other things to keep in mind though, such as safety precautions, do’s and don’ts, but it should not take longer than a few minutes to understand the key points of the user manual.

Long term results:We already touch on this point, but some reassurance doesn’t hurt! Getting to the root of the problem, in this case, literally the hair root, is the most effective way to finding a long lasting solution.

It’s a relaxing me-time:With the convenience of doing it once per week, for up to twelve weeks, IPL is the perfect excuse to set some time aside for a cheeky weekly selfcare routine.

If you’re ready to give laser hair removal a go, then contact our customer service team today so you can be sure of getting the correct device. We also recommend checking out what our customers say about our IPL options. We are Australia's top rated IPL store. Contact our live-chat team if you have questions and join the thousands of Australians who are already loving their IPL laser at home treatments!